How can I contact customer support?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the Motivacraft support team through the Contact Us page or by sending an email to the provided support email address.

Can I share my progress on social media?

While you cannot directly share progress or achievements from Motivacraft, many players choose to take screenshots of success screens and share them with friends and colleagues to celebrate their victories.

Does Motivacraft offer rewards or incentives?

Motivacraft offers virtual rewards and incentives, such as badges or virtual currency, to motivate and reward users for their achievements and progress. Tangible rewards deemed appropriate by your Game Master are also available in the reward market.

How do I claim a reward from the reward market?

In the upper right area of the screen, the reward points you have earned and can spend are listed. You can see all the rewards you can access in the drop-down menu by clicking here. If you want to get

How do I change my password?

You may want to change the password for reasons such as being more memorable and more secure. For this, you must first click on the “My Profile” option in the upper right corner of the game screen. In the window

How can I track the badges I have/will earn?

By clicking on the “My Profile” menu in the lower left menu of the screen, you can observe the badges you have earned or can earn by using the “My Badges” tab on the page that opens. Badges are grouped

How can I pass the level?

To pass each level on the Motivacraft gamification platform, you need to reach a predetermined experience point (XP). You can earn XP points by completing assigned tasks, ranking in competitions, and participating in other activities (reading articles, watching videos, giving



Can I change the information of an active user?

To edit a user you created, you must first click on the “Users” tab on the l...

How do I deactivate or delete a user?

In order to update the status of the user you created, you must click on the ...

How can I create a new user?

There are three different ways to add users in Motivacraft. You can create a use...


How do I disable or delete a created competition?

In order to update the status of the competition you created, you must click on ...

How can I see the ranking of competing users?

To view the success ranking of users who have completed the competitions you hav...

How do I edit a competition I created?

To organize a competition you have created, you must first click on the “C...

How can I create a new competition?

To create a new competition, you must first click on the “Competitions” tab ...


How do I disable or delete a created mission?

You can change the status of the task at any time by clicking the “Active&...

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